Taxes & Shipping









Sales Tax

California residents are charged California Sales Tax. Some states outside of California require that we collect sales tax payable to that state. If we are required to collect sales tax for your state, the tax will be added to your invoice at checkout.


Shipping Questions

Can you ship to all states?

Although most States allow for the direct shipment of wine into their states, laws regarding direct shipment of wine vary from state to state, and these rules and conditions change almost on a daily basis. For more information regarding the current law, we encourage you to visit The Wine Institute. You are also welcome to email us at with additional questions.

Can you ship during the summer months?

Yes, we are able to ship to most states during the summer months utilizing temperature- controled ground shipping. This is refrigerated ground service offered by both UPS and FEDEX. Packages are consolidated weekly and transported via a refrigerated truck to the hub nearest to you. The package is then converted to next-day delivery.

Why are heat and weather holds used?

It is very important that our wines reach you with as little exposure from the heat and cold. During the summer, even with 2-day shipments, we can not guarantee where the wine may sit at any point and be potentially exposed to heat. So during the summer months, we hold shipments until we can have some reasonable assurance that the wine will not be subject to adverse weather. If you receive a weather hold notification, your wine will be held until it is safe to ship it. You will then receive a shipping confirmation. You do have the option of upgrading to overnight delivery. For information about shipping overnight with a 10am delivery (therefore avoiding the heat of the day) contact us at

Which shipping method?

It is important to us that you receive our wine quickly and safely. Tamber Bey, through our fulfillment partners, have shipping relationships with FedEx, UPS and GSO. It is our objective to have your wine shipped in the safest and most cost effective manner, so with each order we chose the most appropraite to ensure the wine is delivered to your satisfaction. If, for some reason, you are unable to receive FedEx, UPS or GSO shipments, please email us at and we will see if there is any other way for us to accommodate your needs.

Can I get 'Free Shipping'?

We at Tamber Bey do not build the price of shipping into our wines - as we beleive that would not be fair to all our customers. But buyer beware! Many wineries do promote 'free' shipping, but what what we have seen is that many of these folks use whatever method they can find to get wine to you - and at the least amount of cost. So be sure to inquire on the shipping policies when these representations are being made for your wine!