Tamber Bey’s upscale upgrade

"Jennifer and Barry Waitte are passionate about two things - wine and horses. Just don’t ask them if one takes precedence over the other. The Napa Valley couple have taken part in endurance races for a number of years, competing with the best and often finishing at or near the top of the pack."

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Yountville Rider Shines in the Tevis Cup

"Only 75 of the 160 equestrians who began the Tevis Cup 100-Miles-One-Day Trail Ride from Truckee to Auburn last weekend were able to finish, thanks largely to temperatures as high as 110 degrees along the Western States Trail. But Yountville’s Jennifer Waitte and her 9-year-old Arabian mare, Czoe, survived the blistering heat in style. "

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Horses and wine blend among the vines on Tamber Bey estate in Yountville

"For a substantial chunk of his business career, Barry Waitte “played with the big boys” in the worlds of high technology and venture capital. When he wasn’t moving money around or investigating a tech breakthrough, Waitte and his fianceé - now wife - Jennifer, spent days on the backs of Arabian horses...."

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